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Have Something to Contribute?

I’m always looking for relevant information and tutorials on FDS copying, writing, and dumping. If you’re interested in being featured on the site and would like to write a tutorial, contribute pictures, or something else, let me know what you have in mind using the contact form below.

I’m especially interested in tutorials or articles on the following topics:

  • Using mgd.exe with the MGD1 for FDS Dumping/Reading and Writing
  • Using┬áPasodisk w/ the Chameleon Set for FDS Dumping/Reading and Writing
  • Using ILinePC for FDS Dumping/Reading
  • Using DiskTako for FDS Dumping/Reading and Writing
  • Using Disk Editing Programs
  • Using Souseiki Fammy
  • Q & A with someone involved in “the scene” of FDS disk dumping or Cart-to-FDS Game Doctor Conversions
  • Front FarEast (FFE) Famicom FDS Format Information
  • Magazine advertisements showing Famicom copiers, copy devices, etc.

Items Wanted

If you have any of these items that you’d like to sell, or provide pictures of, please use the contact form below:

  • Venus Mini Doctor
  • ILinePC
  • Hacker Pro Digital – Super Disk Copy System
  • Front FarEast (FFE) Magic Card 4M & 6M
  • Game Doctor Format FDS Images, especially Magic Card (FFE) Format

Permission to Use Site Content

Please request permission using the contact form below before using any site content (photos, scanned images, tutorials, descriptions, etc.) from Otherwise, you will be asked to remove it.

Got a Question, Feedback, or Something Else?

If you see something on here that isn’t correct, want to ask something, or would just like to get in contact, please use the form below.

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